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                        1. bet365 desktop site,red hawk casino,teen patti gold indian,Correct Tooling Package For Bending Machine

                          Mar 12, 2021

                          1. Choose The Correct Tooling Package For Bending Machine

                            Buying a new press brake could be consider many items. You’ll have a lot of important decisions to make when need to pay the invoice; Max bending length, Max bending capacity, the distance between the side frames, ram opening height and  stroke length; Also you need to choose which tooling system you’re going to use in your new bending machine.

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                          3. But how can you get the correct bending tooling for your new press brake that provides maximum bending accuracy,fast&easy set up, also can meeting the majority of your needs, provides high quality parts that consistently meet and exceed your customers’ expectations, and whether meet you purchase budget?

                                You can select a versatile set of bending tooling to maximize your productivity and produce parts of the highest quality using the smallest number of tools possible.

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                                        PRESS BRAKE TOP PUNCHES

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                                          1, Air bending applications, use acute angle punches whenever possible for bending materials 3mm thickness and less. They are fairly strong, have more than adequate compensation for springback with virtually all material types and can bend almost any angle you’ll ever need to produce on a press brake. Some can also be used in hemming applications. They are also lower in cost than bigger  goose neck punches, making them less expensive to replace when damaged or when you need to add additional length.

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                                            2. Use goose neck punches for bending sheet parts that have return bends and complicated bending sequences. Their large relief areas make them extremely versatile and helps to reduce the need to make punch changes when going from one part configuration to another. Heavy duty gooseneck punches are also available for bending materials in the range 6mm mild steel and provide tremendous strength and versatility.

                                            3. When the open height allows, always select tall punches when setting up a new press brake as they are always more versatile than short punches. Generally, we recommend that you leave approximately 100 mm of space between the top punch and bottom die; Bending top punch, bottom die and hydraulic or mechanical crowning system, or die holder  have been installed for part handling. This places a premium on purchasing a press brake with plenty of opening height if you are planning to bending deep metal boxes and four sided parts.

                                            4. Always buying press brakes punches with hardened working surfaces, and the deeper the hardened zone of press brake tooling is the better. Hardened working surfaces not only maximize bending tooling life and provide a better return on your press brakes investment, they also provide maximum long-term accuracy retention. This is extremely important when bending parts on a precision CNC press brake, because, aside from the auto back gauge, the punch tip and the shoulder radius on the dies are the only surfaces that ever come into contact with the metal bending material. We recommend 42CrMo material for press brakes top punches and bottom dies, which all tooling system will be through hardened.

                                            1. 5. Some applications like bending stainless steel and soft aluminums, for example, may require punches with special tip angles and/or special tip radius. If you are going to need them for your new press brake, try and order them in advance of the delivery of the machine so that you are not waiting for them after your machine arrives.

                                            2. PRESS BRAKE BOTTOM DIES

                                              ROLLA V die

                                                  1. When possible, use acute angle dies to air bend everything. Today’s advanced CNC controls accurately determine the proper amount of die penetration that is required to bend practically any material to any angle. It is no longer necessary to purchase dies to match the included angles of all your punches. This will eliminate the unnecessary duplication of die openings, reduce the number of die changes that you will have to make and save you a lot of money.

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                                                  • 2. As with your punches, you should always purchase dies with hardened working surfaces. Again, hardened working surfaces not only maximize tooling life and provide a better return on your investment, they also provide maximum long-term accuracy retention.

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                                                          1. 3. Try and use one bending die for each two to three material thicknesses that you plan to bend. Bishop also recommends that you should always purchase dies with hardened working surfaces.

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                                                                    1. To avoid buying a lot of tooling with your new press brake. Instead, try and purchase just enough tooling to meet your needs for approximately the first four months of production. This should provide the service engineer with an adequate amount of tooling to set your press brake up and train your press brake operators in the use of the machine and control, and yet allow you to complete the jobs that you need to run in the short term.

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                                                                                                                                    Mar 29, 2021

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                                                                                                                                      1. Correct Tooling Packa...
                                                                                                                                        Correct Tooling Packa...

                                                                                                                                        Mar 12, 2021

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