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                    China free blackjack 2000T12M Large CNC Press Brake 6 Axis

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                                      • China free blackjack 2000T12M Large CNC Press Brake 6 axis DELEM DA66T manufacture China made 12M large cnc metal bending machine free blackjack factory 2000T CNC Press brake The large 1000T, 1600T,2000T&3000T CNC Press brakes is mainly used bending processing of ultra thick and ultra long sheet plates, which...

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                                                        Product Details

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                                                                China free blackjack 2000T12M Large CNC Press Brake 6 axis DELEM DA66T manufacture

                                                              1. China made 12M large cnc metal bending machine free blackjack factory 2000T CNC Press brake

                                                                  The large 1000T, 1600T,2000T&3000T CNC Press brakes  is mainly used  bending processing of ultra thick and ultra long sheet plates, which is mainly used for large crane beams, heavy-duty press machines designed for industries such as automobile manufacturing, nuclear industry, environmental protection, petroleum transportation equipment manufacturing, power tower, shipbuilding bending  industry, military forming industry, heavy steel structure bending, large machinery manufacturing, etc.; due to long bending length&thick metal material, sometimes with Hardox very higher tensile trength steel plate, The theoretical deformation of the plate is larger than normal tonnage press brake bending short&thin common sheet profiles, so 10m,11m&12m big press brake has a great demand on the production capacity and processing technology of the  manufacturer.

                                                                    metal bending design

                                                                    1. Anhui Yawei Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd, China had 35 years machine design and manufacture experience, using Soldworkls to make machines main frames stress simulation and metal bending simulation on software, 12m cnc boring&milling machine can ensure 12m large cnc press brake have full precision fabrication on X&Y axis, metal bending straightness and bending angle can be guarantee from the first metal parts welded, press brake tooling system using Amada Euro style, hard material provided for bending tools, 42CrMo material with through hardened.

                                                                    2. China free blackjack 2000T12M CNC Press brake DELEM DA66T DA69T 3D Graphical metal bending controller

                                                                    3. Standard Features of China free blackjack 2000T12M CNC Press brakes bending 40ft long sheet metal material

                                                                      1. DELEM DA66T&DELEM DA69T 3D Graphical color controller and delem 3D offline software

                                                                              12M CNC controlled press brake motorized crowning table or CNC Hydraulic anti-deflection table

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                                                                                1. Heavy duty cnc controleld 2 axis auto bending back gauge

                                                                                    Germany Hoerbiger or Rexroth Hydraulic system

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                                                                                      Germany Fiessler AKAS CE Press brake laser safety guarding system

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                                                                                      Australia made cnc press brake Lazersafe IRIS laser guarding especially block laser designed for 12m long pressing bending machine

                                                                                          1. Japan Yaskawa or Panasonic servo motor for X&R back gauges

                                                                                          2. Yawei 1000T8M CNC Press brake, 1600T10M CNC Press brake, 2000T12M CNC Press brake metal bending profiles, long mild steel&stainelss steel folding technology

                                                                                              12M light poles bending, single 12m cnc press brake can bending 12m poles directly, including 12m polygon poles and 12m Conical poles, optional cnc auto feeding, pushing device for higher poles bending&forming technology.

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                                                                                                   round  lightpoles

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                                                                                                    1. 12m big steel structure sheet material bending using 1600T12M CNC Press brakes DELEM DA66T

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                                                                                                        2D bending controller , CE press brakes rear SICK light curtain gaurding system

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                                                                                                              • 12M metal steel bridge or C plate&U channel bending, 12m mild steel palte bending&12m hardox material bending machine made in china factory

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                                                                                                                big die

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                                                                                                                If you are looking for 10m,11m,12m&16m large cnc press brakes for bending long sheet metal products, email us and we can design&manufacture the customized large press brake for your steel bending profiles. Special bending length, special press brake throat, large bending daylight, special bending tools are all available, just give us a call and you will get all options.



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                                                                                                                                                Previous: 6 Axis CNC Press Brake 400T4M Trailer Parts Bending

                                                                                                                                                  Next: 11M Press Brake Metal Roofing Bending Machine

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                                                                                                                                                                • Correct Tooling Packa...
                                                                                                                                                                  Correct Tooling Packa...

                                                                                                                                                                  Mar 12, 2021

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